7 Figure Sales Funnel Specialist Gives Away All The Strategies That Big Industry Guys Uses To Stay On top Always

REVEALED:  The $100,000 Funnel Blueprint That Makes Him And His Clients Steady 7 Figures Monthly And How You Too Can Use This Blueprint To Build Your Own List Of Buyers, Get Paying Clients And Ultimately Turn Your High Income Skill To One That Truly Makes You Money

This Blueprint Promises To Give You At Least $500 Per Month

If you want to know what it is and how to turn your skill to one that makes you money?

Pay close attention to everything on this page…

Hey there, I'm Festus Ogonegbu.

Now, imagine if you could;

  • Get consistent email/WhatsApp list full of buyers and not freebie seekers
  • Get a list that will make you stop being dependent on referrals before you get clients 
  • Compete with the big guys in the industry with paid ads that will not stop for a day
  • Stop being a broke skilled person

Which Ultimately will help you:

  • Get that dream car that you want to use to “pepper” that your ex that thought you won’t ever make it.
  • Also get those dresses and shirts you wanted to get.
  • Also go on vacation trips at will
  • And many more you planned to do 

But before getting into what this blueprint is and how you can take advantage of it to:

Pocket 300k And More Monthly Doing Nothing More Than 4 Hours Of Work Daily.

Let me properly introduce myself first.

I'm Festus Ogonegbu, I am a Sales Automation and an Email Marketing Specialist

Having created a sales funnel for Kenny Nwokoye (The Founder of Zero to Hero Affiliate Community) that did $7000 in less than 2 hours and helped over 25 businesses hit 7 figures consistently leveraging on automated sales systems.

I have undoubtedly built authority as a business coach, and a sales funnel expert. 

I am also the Head Coach & founder of The Sales Automation Academy - my group coaching program - which teaches businesses and Individuals how to create automated sales system that helps them run their businesses on auto pilot

See These reciepts as proof that i am who I say i am

In Fact, Here's What Industry Experts  Are Saying About Me

Kenny nwokoye


The Sales funnel for has generated over $7,000 for my students and I

Festus mapped and designed a sales funnel for me,  that has generated over $7,000 for my students and I

Esther Odemwingie


Everything was seamless and revenue has been generated since working together

I could remember when I knew nothing about Email Marketing not until April 2021 when I met Festus Ogonegbu.

Not only did he enlighten me about the advantages of having an email list as an online entrepreneur,

He also took it upon himself to handle all the backend and Techy part of the list for me.

Everything was seamless as revenues were been generated from his handling of my email marketing.

Looking for an Email marketer or sales Funnel expert, don't look further.

No jokes, Festus Ogonegbu is your go-to person.

Louis akwaeze


Our whole System was handled by him and he delivered on the promise

Festus did our whole email list setup for us at Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited. The whole thing was handled by him and we have zero complain about anything. From the free lead magnet page, to the thank you page, to the email sequence automation and he even taught me how to send emails to our list.

Are You Struggling To Make Ends Meet With The Frustrating Economic Downturn In Your Country Even As A Skilled Person?

If yes, then you are not alone because the shege is almost premium for everybody. 

I was speaking to a group of students recently

and I told them that

one of the only way to survive in any economy is to make money daily

most of the big companies you admire are still active today

because they are making money daily

And we are grateful that we already have the internet that paved way for us

to make unlimited amount of money from our high income skills

But I also know that there are still some people who even with their high income skills, are still broke

Simply because

people do not buy their offers

Or they do not have clients to work with

And most likely, the only strategy they know -

is posting consistently on social media

or waiting for the goodwill of their previous clients to refer them to other people

Or even creating free lead magnets and filling their lists with a bunch of freebie seekers

See Ehn, I understand this thing really well, because until I discovered this blueprint, I struggled just like you

So if you are:

  • Finding it hard to make money online from your skill
  • Or you are finding it hard to get clients for your high-income skill
  • Or you are always at the mercy of previous clients remembering to refer you to make money
  • Or you have tried everything and they are still not working for you.
  • Or you are even frustrated and you feel like quitting right away.

What they are saying...

Miracle Ndikom

Online Business Coach

He is the go to expert in a things funnels

"looking for someone excellent in his skills, it is Festus, he is excellent when it comes to creating sales funnel, website design and email marketing.

He is definitely your go to expert if you want to do any of this. I will recommend him anytime because he has worked with me and did an excellent job"

Ada Billions

Online Business Coach

Our Sales Automation Master

Our sales automation master!

From his impressive email marketing skills to fully automating sales processes...

I recommend Festus for his professional and result proven services.

Illesanmi Iyanuoluwa

Content Grandmaster

If you want to automate anything, Festus is the guy

From email marketing to funnel building and everything in between.

Festus is your best bet.

If you want to automate at least consistent 7 figures in your business. Then go meet Festus.

How did I know? He's done it over and over again.

I've watched him do it many times and he's capable.

I've also worked with him.. He's given me a strategy that landed me 5 figures 10 minutes after the strategy call.

Man's good. No cap.




What the heck is a Low-Ticket Funnel?

In a nutshell, a low-ticket offer funnel is:

a digital product priced under ₦5,000 with a hyper-focused solution typically the first thing a new customer will buy from you that funnels them into your other offers

It’s essentially a funnel that takes a person from icy cold to piping hot within a matter of minutes.

With a Low-Ticket Funnel, you can...

  • Break through that revenue ceiling, so you can stop resenting the demands of your client workload and start showing up in your business the way you want, with full confidence that you’re still making money on the daily.
  • Have an email/Whatsapp list full of highly-targeted leads; not just people who are ready and willing to buy from you, but people who already have bought from you. (Goodbye freebie seekers, hello profit!)
  • Serve your audience in an accessible way, so you can have a greater impact on more lives and leave them begging for more ways to work with you.
  • Make thousands of Naira Daily without having to hop a single call, send a proposal, write sales emails, or trade your time for money.

With this Low-Ticket Funnel Blueprint I am handing Over To You For Almost Free, You will...

  • Start making money daily
  • Have your email or your WhatsApp full of consistent buyers
  • Never have to wait for your previous clients to refer you before you eat 
  • Never have to stop your ads because the blueprint will show you how your ads can pay for itself

Look. you already know that to make money online,

you need a system,

an offer

and most importantly thousands of people to see what you are selling daily

which means you will have to be running non-stop paid ads

And before you start asking "where am I going to get this money from"?

This Blueprint will show you

How your ads can fund themselvesMake money daily and systems that can allow you handle any influx of traffic that you have

You should count yourself lucky that you found this page today.


If You’re Thinking To Yourself, “This Low-Ticket Funnel Blueprint Thing Sounds Too Good To Be True”, I Get It. Because I Was In Your Shoes Until I Made It Happen For Myself.

Industry Experts Vouch For Me

Nathanael Disu


He makes complex things very easy

I got to know about Festus in 2021, and ever since then he has been one of my closest friends

One of the things I love most about him is his dedication to his craft and how he makes complex things really easy

I got to understand more about Email Marketing and Sales Automation from him

If there's some you'll really love to work with when it comes to Email Marketing and also helping you to Automate your sales process, I can assure you that Festus is your go-to guy

He has my full vote of confidence and recommendation

Work with him and you'll be glad you did

Maryann Abonyi

Email copywriter

Think email, funnels, and everything there is to it.

Aside the usual questions I storm his inbox with on a daily,

...I've had the chance to work with Festus many times. To say the least, he's a wiz when it comes to everything automations.

Think email, funnels, and everything there is to it.

He's that good.

Fortune  nnamdi

Founder Ventus / Organic Sales

Festus has produced results for my clients and I

In today's world, email marketing cannot be neglected and should be used by all.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to go about it, this is what Festus has decided to teach you.

I have seen him produce results both for me and our sales company (VENTUS). Festus is the go-to-guy for email marketing.

I wish you good luck

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You’ll Learn When You Get The Low-Ticket Funnel Blueprint:

  • Know exactly why a LTO funnel is a no-brainer strategy for your business — especially if you want to make money from your list and generate more qualified leads
  • Learn exactly what a Low-Ticket Offer funnel is, how it works, and how it fits into your existing offer ecosystem, so you can feel confident AF that your funnel will provide tons of value and support your business goals.
  • Know how to turn a N1k-5k offer into a N150k order that generates thousands or even millions of Naira in revenue every single month
  • Understand how to know exactly where sales are coming fromso you can focus your precious time, energy + resources on things that actually make a difference
  • Know exactly what you need to do to maintain your LTO funnel, so you can make money without being tied to your computer
  • It’s time to map out your perfect funnel. You’ll learn the secret ingredients for cooking up a WOW-worthy LTO, and map out a funnel that fills a real need, fits your existing business model, and brings in serious bank.
  • Every step and system you need to get your LTO up and running, so you can start getting paid to generate qualified leads for your online business. Even if you’ve never sold a digital product before, the content in this phase makes setting up your funnel easy breezy.
  • I break down everything you (or your team) need to do on a regular basis to make sure your LTO continues to make you money every day — without keeping you tied to your laptop/smartphone



The WordPress Made Easy Course N5,000

Yes, part of the headache people had initially with the LTO BLUEPRINT was understanding the WordPress ecosystem,

Because most of the systems that can save you a whole lot of money are built on WordPress,

This means there's an alternative too for people who doesn't want to use WordPress, but it's more expensive

For those who take this offer today, I will give you a free access to my WordPress made easy course currently selling for N5,000 For free


Group Support and LTO Review

I know hands down how it is difficult to succeed alone when you start learning something new

Knowing this, I have created a telegram group where I will respond to questions and also do more of video reviews for the blueprint people have created to ensure they are ready to launch and truly become money machines 



You will get access to a community of like minded entrepreneurs performing the same act as you. You can share ideas, collaborate and learn from them.


Get This Sales Page Template

As a bonus, I'm adding in this sales page template, to help you bring your low ticket offer funnel out faster


Get This Sales Page Template

As a bonus, I'm adding in this sales page template, to help you bring your low ticket offer funnel out faster

I know what you may be thinking...

I know, I know. This all sounds like a far-fetched dream being sold to you by some tech bro marketer telling you about his “overnight success”.

And if you’ve been in the online entrepreneur space for any amount of time, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about all the ways you can magically make passive income while you sleep. 

Maybe you’ve launched a product/course or two without much money or impact to show for it...

Or maybe you’ve been too nervous to even try because you’re so overwhelmed by all the tech and launch strategies... 

(Not to mention the fact that you somehow have to create a never-been-done-before offer…)

Either way, you’re wondering… how is this LTO BLUEPRINT thing is going to be any different?

I launched my own Low-Ticket Funnel in January and made 700k+ in 2 months. Selling to over a 600+ People and they were cold audiences.

I know, it’s hard to believe. I felt the same way. But here's a screenshot from my dashboard:

And because sharing is caring, I taught others to do the same…

And because sharing is caring, I taught others to do the same…

Look, friend — I’m no unicorn. It wasn’t luck, a massive audience, or complicated sales strategies that got me those results.

No magic. No gimmicks. Just some upfront work, out-of-the-box thinking, and a system that works.

How do I know it’ll work for you, too?

Because I’ve already taught it and seen it work for dozens of entrepreneurs just like you:


Would you like to continue spinning your wheels hoping that you'll get customers?


...would you like to setup a system that will guarantee you as many customers as possible in the shortest window of time?

The choice is yours... 


LTO BLUEPRINT is like the best-kept secret of the online business industry, mostly because these strategies are typically only taught inside high-level coaching programs that cost anywhere from N50,000 to N500k+.

LTO BLUEPRINT will give you all the tools + guidance you need to get your money systems up and running fast — at a fraction of what others are charging for the same information.

I get it. I struggled to create consistent income from digital products for more than 3 years.

I poured my heart and soul into course launches that flopped and convinced myself that so-called passive income would never give me the reliable income I (and my family) needed.

 I figured I’d be stuck trading my hours for Naira forever, my revenue capped by how much I could show up that month.

Until I launched my first low-ticket offer funnel.

And my entire business (and life) changed.

And now I run a business that feels simple, effortless and I’ve ditched the feast and famine cycle for predictable revenue.

I don’t rely on massive launches or need a big team to run things on the backend.

I just use a simple “pay to play” lead generation strategy that continues to build up my warm audience so that when I do have new offers to launch, I never have to worry about whether or not someone is going to buy.

And now I want to teach you how to do the same thing.

Join us

 Start Today 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 days

If after 24 hours of using the blueprint, you feel like you didn't get value, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are YOU the best person to teach me LTO BLUEPRINT?







You can keep doing what you’re doing...

 Relying on client work to hit your revenue goals.

 Launching course after course, and being disappointed each time it flops.

 Constantly coming up with new ways to get visible so you can sell out your offers.

Or you can try something new

I decided to try something new, and within a month I had an extra thousands of naira flowing into my bank.

Imagine what’s possible for you.

Imagine if...

 Where you only had to spend a few hours each week maintaining your funnel

 Or you could earn N500,000+ every month without needing to rely on your 1-1 client work

 Or you were attracting the perfect leads for your higher-ticket offers, without needing to show up on social media every day

 Oh the thought of, happy customers messaging you with words of gratitude for your offer and how much of an impact it’s made on their lives — on the daily


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